Jason Kerner, Local San Ramon Realtor Expert Recognized by Patch San Ramon

3 Minutes on a Park Bench with Jason Kerner of NextHome Premier Realty Group

We spoke to Jason Kerner and he shared advice for people looking to sell or buy a home.

Patch partner Jason Kerner of NextHome Premier Realty Group told us how he’s stayed on top of the real estate industry and told us the best thing about selling homes in the San Ramon area.

Patch: You’ve been a full-time Realtor since 2002. How has selling homes evolved for you over the past 14 years?

Jason Kerner: Experience breeds success and as such, has made me a more highly desirable realtor. Over the years, I’ve been able to refine my approach through experience, gaining the knowledge and skill necessary to excel in all situations, and close successful deals in every type of scenario. Real estate transactions can be complex; they require a seasoned professional with a proven track record in all market climates. I understand what’s important to my buyers and sellers, and tailor my service to ensure that they always come out ahead. 1715 Wycliffe Ln San Ramon CA-print-005-2-Exterior 1E-2892x1992-300dpi

Patch: You use a lot of innovative technologies to sell homes including social media marketing, 3D tours and drone photography. How do you make sure you stay on top of the latest technology?

Jason Kerner: Staying on top of technology has always been in my DNA. Coming from a high-tech background in Silicon Valley before entering real estate taught me to keep a close eye on the latest trends, and capitalize on cutting-edge technology to research, communicate and market properties most effectively. My command of technology has given me a distinct edge. Besides traditional marketing techniques such as home staging and cleaning, professional photography, direct mail, open houses, etc, I love using social media, 3D tours, drone photography, and other such marketing vehicles, which are constantly evolving, to showcase my properties and optimize exposure; yet my clients just as much appreciate the vital areas of real estate that have not changed – that is, the personal attention, custom service and negotiating skill that I bring which is so important when someone’s greatest asset is involved.

Patch: What’s the best thing about selling homes in the San Ramon area?

Jason Kerner: I’ve lived in San Ramon for over 11 years and I love the area. Selling where you live and where you know best is a dream for me. San Ramon is one of the best places to live for raising a family, with its wide-open spaces, beautiful parks, golf courses such as Bridges, mountains for hiking, and convenience to SRVUSD award winning schools, shopping, restaurants and everything else you need. It’s easy to promote and be enthusiastic about a place you live in and enjoy so much with your family. It’s my privilege to specialize in San Ramon, and my pleasure to turn my buyers into my neighbors. 727 Clifton Ct San Ramon CA-print-003-13-Exterior 1C-4200x2800-300dpi

Patch: You’re a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), which represents the elite top 4 percent of the industry. How have you managed to stay at the top of your field?

Jason Kerner: I’m proud to have earned the elite CRS designation which puts me in a unique category in terms of my status and expertise. I believe in always looking for ways to advance my real estate career and further my industry knowledge, as that is how I can best serve and educate my clients. Taking continuing education courses in all facets of real estate and being the best you can be no matter what field you’re in puts me at an advantage, and makes me a more highly sought-after resource for my buyers and sellers.

Patch: What sets one Realtor apart from another? And how are you unique?

Jason Kerner: I’d say one of the main things that set me apart is my style, which is collaborative and consultative, not pushy. People consider me more of a partner and advisor rather than a salesperson for that reason. I like being viewed this way and operate with a soft touch because it puts my clients at ease, knowing that I have their best interests at heart and would never push them into a decision that doesn’t feel right. My role is to provide information that empowers people and helps clear the path to what they really want. When they do decide, that’s when I become aggressive, to get them the best value and negotiate the right terms for their unique situation.

Patch: What advice would you give to someone looking to a buy a new home right now?

Jason Kerner: Buying a home is an emotional undertaking, not to mention a major financial investment. My suggestion is to try to find a realtor who is professional, is expert in the areas you’re interested in, and knows how to navigate the current market conditions. Your realtor should position you for success, whether there is plenty of inventory or there is a multiple offer situation. Relationships with other brokers and experience in structuring the most appealing offers go a long way. I have lots of expertise and a high success rate in multiple offer situations, and know how to give my buyers the competitive advantage they need to get the house they want. 5222 Fioli Loop San Ramon CA-print-004-1-Exterior 1D-4200x2800-300dpi

Patch: What advice would you give to someone trying to sell his or her house?

Jason Kerner: When you’re selling your prized asset, you need a local San Ramon realtor expert you can trust to price your property accurately, market it aggressively, and create a buzz around your home that will generate offers. I have a strong understanding of the current market and the high points of living in San Ramon. My focus on protecting my clients’ best interests, whether managing multiple offers in a seller’s market or strategizing when there’s room to negotiate. Communication is also key so you know what’s happening with your sale at all times. There simply is no comparison when it comes to working with a realtor who has the connections, experience and track record that I do when it comes to getting my sellers results.

Patch: How can readers contact you?

Jason Kerner: Call or text me at (925) 400-7007 | Email: jason@nexthomeprg.com | Twitter: @KernerHomes| Instagram: KernerHomes | Facebook: KernerHomes  NextHome-Premier-Realty-Group-Logo-Vertical-Web