San Ramon Offers Christmas Tree Recycling Options

It iChristmas-Tree-Recycling-7s great to know that I live in a community that offers so many options for recycling our old Christmas Tree.  We may support our local San Ramon Boy Scouts, use our Waste Management trim cans, or utilize the pick-up services from Waste Management recycling.  Regardless of the method, it is reassuring to know we live in a community that respects our natural resources and supports recycling methods.

For more information, contact the following organizations for Christmas tree recycling support:

The Boy Scouts of America Annual Fundraiser
Tree Pickup Day is Saturday, January 7,  2017.  For a $10 donation, the local Boy Scout troop will pick up your tree.  Visit, e-mail, or call 925-587-8733 for more information.

Waste Management Yard Trimmings / Green Waste Cart30c7f88b3c55c4c987418d0e4d543d85

Just cut up your Christmas tree into lengths that will fit into cart. Waste Management will pick up the trimmings during your normal pick up time.   

Special One-Time Tree Pickup Week of January 9, 2017
Set out your Christmas tree at the curb for a pickup by a special truck the week of January 9. Waste Management would like you to cut larger trees into lengths of 6 feet or less.recycle

For trees with flocking, tinsel, or tree stands, please call Waste Management at (925) 837-3356 to arrange for collection for an additional pickup fee.

Thank you to the City of San Ramon and our local Boy Scouts for supporting recycling efforts.  If you are interested in making the great town of San Ramon your home, give me a call at 925-400-7007.  Jason Kerner, Broker/Realtor. San Ramon’s Windemere and Gale Ranch Local Expert.