San Ramon Teen Council Offers Leadership Opportunity for Teens

CR4sql8WUAAjni0The San Ramon Teen Council is an ideal way for teens to contribute to the success of our youth community while adding to their leadership experience.  If your teen thrives in leadership positions, they will want to check out this program. Go to  for more information and application.

(The following information is taken from the City of San Ramon website.) teencouncil

Are you a High School student and interested in providing leadership for Teens in San Ramon? The City of San Ramon invites you to apply for the Teen Council and lead the way for your age group and make a difference for Teens in San Ramon.

The Teen Council is a 17 member committee appointed by the City Council to make recommendations to the City of San Ramon staff, Parks and Community Services Commission and City Council on the delivery of teen programs, facilities, activities, services and policies. In addition the Teen Council advocates for teen issues, volunteers for numerous City events and plans special activities for teens.

May-19-imageThe San Ramon Teen Council is a group of 17 teens appointed by the City Council to:

  • Identify areas of improvement for teen programs and teen recreation policies and provide solutions to City of San Ramon staff and the Parks and Community Services Commission.
  • Appoint appropriate sub-committees as necessary to further the work of the teen program and the efforts of the Teen Council.
  • Receive input from the teen population in San Ramon, including input from other organizations and individuals on issues relevant to the teen population.
  • Act as a liaison for teen issues to governmental and private organizations.
  • Provide teen feedback to staff on current and future needs of the San Ramon teen population for teen program planning.

For additional information and application, go to: Logos NOFRO (3)