San Ramon is Recognized as New Tech Hub by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

San Ramon is Recognized as New Tech Hub

By San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

San Ramon and the Tri-Valley area are being recognized as the up and coming hot spot for Tech Companies.  With housing shortages in San Francisco and increasing home prices all around the South Bay, San Ramon has quickly become an ideal home for many aspiring and established techies.  Recently, the San Francisco Business Times posted an article  Anchored by GE, San Ramon Transforms to “Digital Industrial” Hub Spot Anchored by GE Digital, San Ramon transforms to ‘digital industrial’ hotspot

Bill Ruh was quoted, “This is where physical and digital come together more than any other region,” said Bill Ruh, head of General Electric’s (NYSE: GE) digital business unit, at the East Bay Innovation Summit in San Ramon. “That’s our big opportunity in the East Bay, quite honestly. It’s where we shine.”  San Ramon is quickly being recognized as supportive for entrepreneurs in the tech industry offering ideal commercial real estate space.  The Bishop Ranch complex is just one of those exceptional building parks.  Housing businesses like Chevron, AT&T, GE, PG&E and more, the area has room to grow and space available for small and large businesses.

The SR Business Times wrote, “A region like Tri-Valley, with its ample open space and proximity to digital talent, is an ideal place to host “digital industrial” innovations like IoT-focused software and driverless cars, said Dale Eldridge Kaye, CEO of Innovation Tri-Valley, a business group focused on fostering tech in the region.”

Delicious restaurants, incoming City Center, shopping and miles of biking, hiking and walking paths are just a few outstanding community offerings.  Also attractive to incoming businesses is the access to affordable housing, award winning schools, unlimited activity access for youth and adults, senior living centers and more.  If you have not been to San Ramon, come spend a day at one of it’s many parks, hike the Las Trampas Hills and grab lunch at a nearby eatery.  When ready to move in, give San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner a call at 925-400-7007.