San Ramon Opens Hydrogen Fueling Station

San Ramon Opens the First Hydrogen Fueling Station Along 680 Corridor

by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner


Did you know that San Ramon is the proud owner of the first hydrogen fueling station along the 689 corridor?  Located at 4475 Norris Canyon, our hydrogen fueling station is just one of 6 similar stations to be offered in the Bay Area.   This is an incredible green milestone for the City of San Ramon.  So many of our residents work at companies in the Bay Area that support green technology.  Supporting hydrogen fueling stations is just another reason that San Ramon is considered one of the newest up and coming Tech Hubs in the Bay Area.  See article:  San Ramon is Up and Coming Tech Hub by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

Earlier this year, a San Ramon woman became the first person to purchase a hydrogen-cell fueled vehicle.  The fueling station was built using some grant funds from the California Energy Commission.  It was built on property owned by Toyota Motor Sales USA and the facility will be operated by the Linde Group, an industrial gases company.  This joint effort program highlights San Ramon’s commitment to clean energy, it’d desire to support green energy technology, and the cooperative efforts of companies stationed within San Ramon.


The article about the October 10, 2017 celebration is available at: