Have you Heard About the San Ramon Iron Horse Crossing Bridge

San Ramon is Installing an Iron Horse Crossing Bridge- by Jason Kerner

Bollinger Canyon Crossbridge

The San Ramon Iron Horse Trail Overcrossing Project is in progress.

How does this impact us?  For those of us who travel to and from the 680 freeway using Bollinger, we frequently have to stop to let pedestrian traffic across the street.  With the increase of population in the Dougherty Valley and the new San Ramon City Center, traffic will be more prevalent.  The Iron Horse Train Overcrossing Project is an ideal solution for keeping the flow of traffic moving on Bollinger Canyon Road.

The goals of the Iron Horse Overcrossing Project is:

According to the City of San Ramon, the following goals will be accomplished by the project:

  • To improve safety by eliminating conflicts between pedestrians/bicycles  and vehicles;
  • Improve vehicular traffic flow by removing the at-grade crossings;
  • Reduce/eliminate jaywalking;
  • Enhance safety by providing an environment that encourages pedestrian and bicycle usage along the Iron Horse Trail; and
  • Increase trail use by nearby schools by improving safety at the Bollinger Canyon Road and Crow Canyon Road crossings.

When is the bridge going to be built?

The City has planned for the bridge to begin construction in 2020.  They have not publicized any completion dates.  However, most of the planning phase is already complete.

What will the bridge look like?

There are several bridge designs that are circulating.  Apparently, there were 21 original designs.  Now, we are down to 2 final designs.  The City of San Ramon will decide on the final design.  Click here to preview the 2 final designs:  Bollinger Bridge Design


Who is funding this project?

The bridge will cost an estimated $14M.  The City has secured $12M in grant funding from Contra Costa Measure J program and with a Priority Development Area Grant.  The rest will come from the City of San Ramon.

More information

If you would like more information regarding this project, please go to http://www.ci.san-ramon.ca.us/

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