San Ramon’s Driverless Bus- by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

San Ramon’s Driverless Bus

San Ramon Introduces the Driverless Bus

The first driverless shuttle in California makes it’s debut in San Ramon’s Bishop Ranch Business Park.  San Ramon is the first city to test out this driverless system,which is called “The EasyMileShuttle”.  The bus does not have a driver, steering wheel or driver’s seat.  It is, however, fully licensed by the DMV to operate.  In fact, it is the only DVM licensed driverless shuttle in the State.  Plan to see this little red bus moving through Bishop Ranch April 27, 2018.

The Goal for EasyMile

Making rounds in the Bishop Ranch Business Park, The EasyMile shuttle test went well, pleasing our city leaders.  The bus holds 12 travelers.  The ultimate goal of the program is to help transfer the workforce from BART to Bishop Ranch.  In addition, Contra Costa County hopes to have over 100 driverless shuttles working by 2020.  This will help solve the problem with BART and parking spaces plus crowded streets.  With the new City Center San Ramon opening up in the near future, offering this shuttle service will be great for community neighbors.

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See Video of EasyMile


Driverless Transporation in the News

Given the recent driverless accident in Arizona, there are programs around the country that are in the process of being postponed for evaluation for safety issues.  It will be interesting if this program continues or is postponed pending any possible safety issues.